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build a container home

Build A Container Home Review: Is It Worth it?

The concept of container homes sounds crazy; after all, who would want to build a container home?

Proponents of sustainable living propose containers homes as an environmentally friendly construction. Many may not like it; many are interested in trying it and are worried about how to go about it.

One of the reliable sources about container homes is the book Build a Container Home by Warren Thatcher.

To understand the whole concept, this article reviews the book to give you a deep understanding of container homes.

Components of Container Homes

Warren Thatcher states that container homes are dominantly made from shipping containers. Other products can be added to the interior, such as wooden partitions, heat insulators added to the walls and other interior design materials.

According to the book, you can either choose to have a roof or not. Putting the roof depends on the structural integrity of the roof. Should the roof appear weak, then it is necessary to include the roof otherwise no need.

Build Your Own Container Home With This Step-by-Step Guide!

Who Is It For?

The book suggests that Container homes are not limited to anyone; the concept is globally available and can be adopted by anyone who is committed to changing the world’s face in terms of pollution.

To increase your understanding of the container homes’ suitability, the book gives different pictures of container homes for different interested groups.

Container homes are available for bachelors and bachelorettes, families, extended families, hotel businesses, etc. The fact that they can be stacked on one another makes them versatile and able to be adjusted to meet the family numbers.

Why Choose To Build A Container Home?

Are you an enthusiast of a green society? Do you have insufficient capital for constriction? Or are you aiming to be unique in your environs and neighborhood?

Container homes are still a new concept, but following a step by step guide issued by experts will produce the most beautiful living place compared to any other within the neighborhood. How To Build A Container Home by Warren Thatcher gives you the step by step instructions to do this all on your own!

To build a container home, you do not need a mortgage but small savings to purchase containers, fit them into place, and design the interiors. Unlike the other buildings, it can be a tiny unit or a large build to accommodate many people.

There are a variety of container homes available in the markets such as:

  • Tiny container house. These are made from small size single containers.
  • Storey container house. These are made from piling containers on top of the other.
  • Side by side container houses. These are houses made by using more than one container stacked on the ground beside the other.

Pros and cons of Container Homes


  • Abandoned shipping containers are affordable
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easy to build
  • Can be purchase as an already designed house
  • Not limited in terms of occupants.
  • Longer lifespan compared to other houses


  • When poorly constructed, they can be cold during nights and winters and too hot during summers.
  • Rigid structure and design. The shape and sizes of containers are limited.
  • Containers cannot be recycled.

Benefits of Container Homes

Warren Thatcher covers the financial, environmental, and social benefits of container homes to convince the world to adopt the concept.

Shipping containers are readily available and will save you the expensive costs of constructing other houses. Using containers to build a home or a house will free the spaces currently occupied by abandoned containers.

Such homes can also be upgraded in the future to accommodate more people by adding more containers beside or on top of the other. The lifespan of container homes is more compared to any other type of house.


How To Build A Container Home by Warren Thatcher will give you a wide array of container home designs that are available. The ones in the book are very detailed and will show you step by step how to build one yourself.

If you are looking to build a container house, this book serves your needs by giving you a step by step guide. It is well worth the investment!

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